How to become a programmer from scratch

Over the past five years, the provision of software development services for Western companies has become the only high-speed social elevator in any country. Of course, there is still architecture, medical practice (but there are some nuances), the opportunity to open your own business (but there are a lot of nuances), etc. Continue reading


SMS System Protection Development

To create means for protecting mobile devices and bulk SMS systems (like this one from malicious software and unauthorized access by third parties, it is necessary to formulate requirements for them. In turn, the requirements are formulated based on the intruder model. Continue reading

Custom Software for Your VoIP Business

coffee-laptop-favim-com-486628Today global communication and wholesale a-z voice termination (more about service can be found here is becoming more and more widespread and at the same time more demanded. The borders between the countries are vanishes, people move from a country to a country on business trips, relocate to a new place for new works, start business far from home. So, the necessity to communicate globally is one of the priorities in all spheres of life. Continue reading

Custom Software Development and Software Testing

Facts_Myths_Chronic_FatigueOnly the neophytes from programming believe the myth that the testing phase can identify and solve all the accumulated problems in the development process. According to the head of the company Software Productivity Research K. Jones, the likelihood of successful completion of the complex project does not exceed 15%. The conclusion is obvious: if the developers expect the testing phase in the hope to correct deficiencies found software chances to survive such a project is very small. Continue reading

Formal Methods – The Main Myth in the Custom Software Development

true_or_falseThis myth can be considered somewhat special case of the previous one. It states that it is formal methods that are able to be a driving force “process improvement”, in particular allowing facilitate the solution of security and reliability problems. In fact, formal methods – is nothing more than a mathematically rigorous demonstration of the presence of some of the developed software in the desired properties of an abstract nature. Formal methods allow draw conclusions about the absence of logically flawed, poorly defined and mismatched behavior, which, in principle, may be present in the specification. Continue reading